Sep 17 2019

Futuraskolan International Rådan’s library has a selection of books in different languages. This school year, it was decided to focus on building up the French and Spanish sections since these are the two languages offered at the school.

One of Rådan’s staff members is spending a year teaching in Portugal. Near her school there is a second hand bookstore called Déjà Lu – Livraria Solidaria. This bookstore is run by people with Down Syndrome and all the money collected from sales is used to support The Portuguese Down Syndrome Association.  The bookstore offers secondhand books in languages from all over the world. This Rådan teacher will buy used French and Spanish books from Déjà Lu and bring them back to Rådan when she visits during the holidays.

Thank you, Déjà Lu for the work you do! If you ever visit Cascais, consider stopping by the bookstore.

Futuraskolan International Rådan’s staff and students are happy to be able to support Déjà Lu and are looking forward to reading a whole bunch of new books!

Déjà Lu links: