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Courage and Community

For our IMYC themes Courage and Community the students in grade 7 and 8 worked in Art with illustrations, lines and symbols. We got inspiration for two courageous artists and swedish illustrators. The exhibition is on our floor  

Grade 6 – IMYC exit point

Today we had our IMYC Exit Point where we had UN Day.  Students from Years 6-9 had a roll play about the war in Yemen and how to find a peaceful solution, while Year 6 students also had the choice to take part in a theatre group or work for the newspaper reporting about UN […]

Swedish/Svenska Grade 1/ Årskurs 1

Centralt innehåll årskurs 1/ kunskapskrav Språkets struktur med stor och liten bokstav, punkt, frågetecken och utropstecken samt stavningsregler för vanligt förekommande ord i elevnära texter.  

7B Entry Point

As their Entry Point to the IMYC unit Courage, learners created their own comic strip. Working with the Big Idea: being true to yourself requires bravery learners brainstormed bravery and the characteristics of a brave person. They then had to choose a person who they think is brave, reflect and write about an act of […]

Children’s Rights

This year we celebrated UN day by putting emphasis on children’s rights!! This globe is a small representation of all the children around the world!

F-klass Rådan – IPC “All About Me”

1) International Task:  Finding out about one’s background, which part of the world one is from and finding out about each others’ tradition(s) – learning from each other.  Our learners share their information from their homework.  Together we show their “origin” from their respective countries on the world map. IPC Learning Goals: – Know that […]

Grade 2-Creating a pumping heart chamber

The learners in grade 2 are studying the IPC unit: Shaping UP which is looking at the human body.  The learners have created a pumping heart chamber to see how the blood flows through the heart .

Step by Step…Page by Page

WOW! Futuraskolan International Rådan’s grade 4, 5 and 6 students have read over 45000 pages in 8 weeks! Amazing! Keep up the great reading!

Nouveaux livres français!

Bonjour à tous! Aujourd’hui, la bibliothèque de Futuraskolan International Rådan a sept nouveaux livres en français pour que les étudiants puissent en profiter! Les Filles Rebelles, les Histoires pour Garçons et Le Petit Prince sont également disponibles à la bibliothèque en anglais et en suédois pour aider les élèves à apprendre et à lire. Hello, […]

The Many Languages of Rådan

Futuraskolan International Rådan’s library has a small yet varied selection of books in languages other than English and Swedish. This week some of those books are on display in the library.