Oct 6 2019

As part of the I Love Reading to the Moon and Back challenge students need to read a book selected by one of their teachers or the librarian.

Grade 5 student, Arian, asked the librarian for a recommendation and, knowing the student’s interest in magic tricks, suggested the book Magic Tricks with Coins, Cards and Everyday Objects, by Jake Banfield.

Needless to say Arian was thrilled at the opportunity to read a book that in his words, “isn’t really a book.”

Last week Arian presented his review of Banfield’s book and performed a card trick for the librarian.

Arian definitely recommends this book. He reports that it was easy to learn the tricks because each trick was presented step-by-step and with clear explanations. He said that each trick has tips with it and they helped a lot.

One of the best things about Magic Tricks, Arian says, is that right at the beginning there is a legend that provides a ranking for each trick. For example, Arian examples, tricks are not only organized by card tricks, coin tricks, etc., they also have a ranking of easy to really difficult.


He said that this ranking, along with the clear, illustrated instructions makes this a great book for anyone who wants to learn some magic tricks.

When the I Love Reading to the Moon and Back challenge reaches the moon, there will be a huge, out-of-this-world celebration and Arian said he would be thrilled to take part and perform some magic tricks for his classmates.

Well done, Arian!