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Grade 7 – Exit Point

Grade 7 have just had their exit point for their IMYC topic Tradition. Their task was to create their own tradition including a symbol, clothing, food, a ceremony, ritual and whether the tradition was on a certain date or period. A huge variety of gods, symbols, days, food and rituals were created.  

Grade 6 – Young Reporters of the Environment

In Grade 6 we have been working with Håll Sverige Rent’s competition. Learners had to write a report or produce a film about sustainability. The piece should include a local issue that can be linked globally, include research, at least one interview and at least one solution. Below are four articles whose authors are entering […]

Grade 1/ Årskurs 1 – Swedish/Svenska IPC sensational

Getting to know our muscles system

Grade 3 – Writing an informational text

In grade 3, learners are practicing their writing skills daily! This term we are focusing on non fiction and learners are working on their informational text. As part of the English subject, each grade is assigned a continent in which learners and teachers work together to gather information regarding geographical, cultural and statistical facts. Grade […]

Grade 8 – IMYC Identity

In grade 8 we have been working with the IMYC Big Idea “Our sense of self, and that of others, is continually developing throgh our different interactions and impacts on how we exist in the world” In English learners had to create a flag of their own identity representing their own “sense of self”.  

Grade 9 / svenska/bild/musik – “Något som berör”

Eleverna i klass 9 har arbetat ambitiöst och kreativt med ett arbete som är kopplat till kunskapskraven i svenska, bild och musik. Arbetet i svenska och bild är avslutat, det som återstår är att lägga till musiken och sedan redovisa arbetet. De har skrivit dikter under temat “Något som berör”. Dikterna har de sedan använt […]

Inspired By Dahl – Grade 5 Exit Point

This term the grade 5s have been reading the Ronald Dale classic Charlie and Chocolate Factory! For their IPC Exit Point, the class combined most of their learning. Combining English, geometry, creativity and home economics, the students designed and created a machine that would fit right in to Willy Wonka’s factory. They also had to […]

Grade 2 – Green Screen Film about famous Paleontologists

The learners in grade 2 have worked on a collaboration project connecting many subjects into one project. The learners have used a B-M-E approach. The B is the research at the beginning, M is the middle where questions and scripts are formed, and E is the end where the learners filmed. (The learners did the […]