Feb 21 2020

In grade 3, learners are practicing their writing skills daily! This term we are focusing on non fiction and learners are working on their informational text. As part of the English subject, each grade is assigned a continent in which learners and teachers work together to gather information regarding geographical, cultural and statistical facts. Grade 3 is working on the continent of America!

Learners are researching information regarding a country of their choice, taking notes and using them to create an informational text about this country that will go in a tourist magazine! 

IPC  Goals or purpose of activity.

-We are currently working on the “Gateways to the world” IPC unit, a unit that is focused on geography, climate zones, ways of transportation and many more! With this project, learners combine the knowledge they gathered regarding those topics, and need to apply it into a more concrete context, there writing, while practicing their english skills at the same time!

Take a glimpse of the whole process!