Apr 14 2020

Grade 4 studied the novel Charlotte’s Web last term. As a final project they created a web that conveyed a positive and inspiring message to a friend. Connecting with Sustainable Development Goals, learners made their web from reusable materials found around their home. 


The purpose of the activity was to send a positive message to a friend to boost their self-esteem. Design your own web with a message to cheer your friend up and make them feel terrific again. Being a person who believes strongly in sustainable development you must try to buy nothing to make your web. By using recycled materials to build your web you are taking care of the environment.

Learning Goals:


The learners write an organised report listing their materials, procedure and showing well developed reasoning behind their web’s message.


The learners make well-developed documentation of their work with sketches, models or texts where the intentions at work are well-visible.

How I made my web – By Luke


Wooden sticks


A screw

Pen and paper

2 plastic spiders left from last Halloween


  1. First I took 3 wooden sticks from my little brother’s pile of sticks and attached them together with a screw. 
  2. Then I took yarn from my mother’ s yarn box. I used the yarn to tie the wed around the  sticks. 
  3. After that I wrote the letters and cut them out.
  4. I made small holes in the letters and then used the black yarn to hang them in the web. 



“You are awesome”

I think it is a kind thing to say to somebody.

What I used

1.One broken rc propeller

2.Two flowersticks

3.One broken hanger

4.One guitar string

5.Old thread from the 60s

6.Six  fluffy sticks

7.A hot glue gun 

I glued the propeller,flower sticks and hanger to get the base of the web. 

When I finished the base I started with putting the string around.

When I finished putting the string and thread around the web I  starteith the letters K I N D and a spider.Then I was DONE!

Guitar string stolen from my brother

The kind web is done!