Working with the concept about comparison and odd/even numbers.

Grade 1-English

In English we are learning about countries that speak English. Grade 1’s researched Australia in their research project, they found out about: animals, weather, landscape and all the other cool things Australia has to offer.

Gr 7

År 7 students doing an experiment burning magnesium ribbon to make magnesium oxide

IPC-Explorers and Adventures

The learners in grade 3 have worked with a flip classroom. They were given an research assignment to read and answer questions about a Famous Explorer. Then they presented to their classmates and we add it to our time line. After we researched these explorers we worked with magnets in science, maps and there features in social sciences. To top it all off we did a debate on why we should be given money for their own expedition!

This term the sixth graders have been working on the IMYC Big idea ‘Adaptability’.
During their entry point, the learners had to decipher how to complete an obstacle course in different scenarios.
Physical changes were made to their bodies and the learners had adapted their movements to achieve their goal.
This was not only a physical challenge but one that tested their intellect and patience.
IPC unit Fascinating Forces

Grade 4 is working on the unit “Fascinating Forces”. In this unit, we studied the scientific method and how to conduct proper and accurate experiments. We looked at the different steps that proper scientists take in order to conduct an experiment. Grade 4 also learned about the different variables that are related to the different experiments. We looked at the different states of matter and their characteristics, we researched information related to atoms and molecules and found what makes them different and we studied various forces that we encounter in our daily life such as pull, push, gravity, air resistance, and friction.

IPC Footprints of the Past

Like detectives, we will try to discover what dinosaurs looked like, what they ate and what might have happened to them in the end.

Task: Dinosaur report in Book Creator
Personal goals:
– enquiry
– communicator
– resilient
– digital technology

Creating a book about assigning dinosaurs, with use of safe pedagogical research websites.

Grade 8’s art

The learners of year 8 have been working with  pattern, colour and material sketches in craft and with illustration with figures in Art.