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Futuraskolan international School of Stockholm

Futuraskolan International Rådan

Sofiadagen 2020

The year 1890 Sofia Alm started Rådan skolan as a foundation to ensure girls from less fortunate circumstances to be granted a basic education. The girls lived at Rådan from 5-18 years old. Every year on the 15th of May, when Sofias name is celebrated in the Swedish calendar, Rådan skolan raises money to Malala fund in Sofias memory!

Find out what Rådan got up to HERE


Världsbokdagen 2020

Idag har vi uppmärksammat världsbokdagen med författarbesök av Pascale Vallin Johansson.

Vi fick höra hur berättelsen om Systrarna av Silverdalen kom till, vi fick värdefulla tips kring skrivprocessen, hur man skapar karaktärer och många andra värdefulla tips.


Under rådande omständigheter gäller det att vara kreativ och klok. Vi avslutade fredagens lektion med en rask promenad i vårsolen och en stunds läsning i vår fina närmiljö.

Motiverande pris för 7500 lästa sidor!

I fredags fick Natalie ett pris för sin fina insats hittills i läsprojekt. Hon har läst 7500 sidor och lämnat in kreativa och fantastiska presentationer. Boken är en reflektions och målsättningsbok kring framtida mål och drömmar. Sikta högt Natalie!

Grade 4 – Charlotte’s Web, Novel Study

Grade 4 studied the novel Charlotte’s Web last term. As a final project they created a web that conveyed a positive and inspiring message to a friend. Connecting with Sustainable Development Goals, learners made their web from reusable materials found around their home. 


The purpose of the activity was to send a positive message to a friend to boost their self-esteem. Design your own web with a message to cheer your friend up and make them feel terrific again. Being a person who believes strongly in sustainable development you must try to buy nothing to make your web. By using recycled materials to build your web you are taking care of the environment.

Learning Goals:


The learners write an organised report listing their materials, procedure and showing well developed reasoning behind their web’s message.


The learners make well-developed documentation of their work with sketches, models or texts where the intentions at work are well-visible.

How I made my web – By Luke


Wooden sticks


A screw

Pen and paper

2 plastic spiders left from last Halloween


  1. First I took 3 wooden sticks from my little brother’s pile of sticks and attached them together with a screw. 
  2. Then I took yarn from my mother’ s yarn box. I used the yarn to tie the wed around the  sticks. 
  3. After that I wrote the letters and cut them out.
  4. I made small holes in the letters and then used the black yarn to hang them in the web. 



“You are awesome”

I think it is a kind thing to say to somebody.

What I used

1.One broken rc propeller

2.Two flowersticks

3.One broken hanger

4.One guitar string

5.Old thread from the 60s

6.Six  fluffy sticks

7.A hot glue gun 

I glued the propeller,flower sticks and hanger to get the base of the web. 

When I finished the base I started with putting the string around.

When I finished putting the string and thread around the web I  starteith the letters K I N D and a spider.Then I was DONE!

Guitar string stolen from my brother

The kind web is done!



Grade 7 – Exit Point

Grade 7 have just had their exit point for their IMYC topic Tradition. Their task was to create their own tradition including a symbol, clothing, food, a ceremony, ritual and whether the tradition was on a certain date or period. A huge variety of gods, symbols, days, food and rituals were created.


Grade 6 – Young Reporters of the Environment

In Grade 6 we have been working with Håll Sverige Rent’s competition. Learners had to write a report or produce a film about sustainability. The piece should include a local issue that can be linked globally, include research, at least one interview and at least one solution. Below are four articles whose authors are entering the competition. Good luck!

Our World’s Tobacco


Nature Monsters


Grade 1/ Årskurs 1 – Swedish/Svenska IPC sensational

Getting to know our muscles system

Grade 3 – Writing an informational text

In grade 3, learners are practicing their writing skills daily! This term we are focusing on non fiction and learners are working on their informational text. As part of the English subject, each grade is assigned a continent in which learners and teachers work together to gather information regarding geographical, cultural and statistical facts. Grade 3 is working on the continent of America!

Learners are researching information regarding a country of their choice, taking notes and using them to create an informational text about this country that will go in a tourist magazine! 

IPC  Goals or purpose of activity.

-We are currently working on the “Gateways to the world” IPC unit, a unit that is focused on geography, climate zones, ways of transportation and many more! With this project, learners combine the knowledge they gathered regarding those topics, and need to apply it into a more concrete context, there writing, while practicing their english skills at the same time!

Take a glimpse of the whole process!


Grade 8 – IMYC Identity

In grade 8 we have been working with the IMYC Big Idea “Our sense of self, and that of others, is continually developing throgh our different interactions and impacts on how we exist in the world”

In English learners had to create a flag of their own identity representing their own “sense of self”.


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