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The Reading Continues…

This Wednesday, as part of the I Love Reading to the Moon and Book challenge, Futuraskolan International Rådan grades 4, 5, 6B and 6R visited Sollentuna Library.

The students had the opportunity to find books that they could choose for the reading challenge. Many students asked the librarians for help with specific topics that ranged from zombies, fantasy novels, football biographies, World War II autobiographies, vegan health and chemistry. Rådan students sure do have a wide range of interests!

Many student got new library cards and were thrilled to be able to check out their own books.

IPC and IMYC Books

Futuraskolan International Rådan’s library has books displays this months which reflect the International Primary Years and Middle Years Curriculum themes that Rådan students are working with.

These themes are digital gamers, earth and space, beliefs, the human brain and chemistry, creativity, curiosity, and entrepreneurship.

The books on display cover a wide range of possibilities in each of these areas and include works of fiction and non-fiction in both Swedish and English.

Mål, Utveckling, Framåtsyftande Plan och Progression

Vi pratar mycket om mål, utveckling, framåtsyftande plan och progression i vår skola och på lektionerna i svenska.
Det är även viktigt att stanna upp och reflektera över vad som är bra, vad som fungerar och vad just varje individ är glad och tacksam över här och nu. Det har vi gjort nu under första veckan efter läslovet.
Många är stolta över vår fina skola, vårt mysiga klassrum, sin egen utveckling samt känner tacksamhet över sina vänner.

Courage and Community

For our IMYC themes Courage and Community the students in grade 7 and 8 worked in Art with illustrations, lines and symbols. We got inspiration for two courageous artists and swedish illustrators. The exhibition is on our floor


Grade 6 – IMYC exit point

Today we had our IMYC Exit Point where we had UN Day.  Students from Years 6-9 had a roll play about the war in Yemen and how to find a peaceful solution, while Year 6 students also had the choice to take part in a theatre group or work for the newspaper reporting about UN Day.  Here you see pictures of Alexandra doing a great job presenting at the UN Conference on behalf of Bolivia as well as the name tags given to students in order to receive admission to the conference.  Was a wonderful day in all with our students doing a fantastic job.
Johanna & Duncan

Swedish/Svenska Grade 1/ Årskurs 1

Centralt innehåll årskurs 1/ kunskapskrav

  • Språkets struktur med stor och liten bokstav, punkt, frågetecken och utropstecken samt stavningsregler för vanligt förekommande ord i elevnära texter.


7B Entry Point

As their Entry Point to the IMYC unit Courage, learners created their own comic strip.
Working with the Big Idea: being true to yourself requires bravery learners
brainstormed bravery and the characteristics of a brave person. They then had to choose
a person who they think is brave, reflect and write about an act of bravery. From this
they then created comic strips using makebelifscomix. Below you can see the results
from using this fun programme.

Children’s Rights

This year we celebrated UN day by putting emphasis on children’s rights!!

This globe is a small representation of all the children around the world!

F-klass Rådan – IPC “All About Me”

1) International Task: 

Finding out about one’s background, which part of the world one is from and finding out about each others’ tradition(s) – learning from each other. 

Our learners share their information from their homework.  Together we show their “origin” from their respective countries on the world map.

IPC Learning Goals:

– Know that children within the class and school have different home countries

– Be able to respect one another’s individuality and independence

Personal Learning Goals:

– Communication, Enquiry, Thoughtfulness, Adaptability, Respect.

2) Social Task:

Learning each other’s names – Throwing the ball of wool to another friend to create a spider web.

IPC Personal Learning Goals: Communication, Co-operation


Grade 2-Creating a pumping heart chamber

The learners in grade 2 are studying the IPC unit: Shaping UP which is looking at the human body.  The learners have created a pumping heart chamber to see how the blood flows through the heart


Our Work

Here is a glimpse of the learning in action that takes place throughout Futuraskolan Rådan.

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