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Futuraskolan International Rådan


Fklass Svenska – Stationsarbete Eleverna samarbete och Rimmar/Matte Domino/ Finn ? Fel/Pussel

Sofiadagen 2020

The year 1890 Sofia Alm started Rådan skolan as a foundation to ensure girls from less fortunate circumstances to be granted a basic education. The girls lived at Rådan from 5-18 years old. Every year on the 15th of May, when Sofias name is celebrated in the Swedish calendar, Rådan skolan raises money to Malala […]

F-klass Rådan – IPC “All About Me”

1) International Task:  Finding out about one’s background, which part of the world one is from and finding out about each others’ tradition(s) – learning from each other.  Our learners share their information from their homework.  Together we show their “origin” from their respective countries on the world map. IPC Learning Goals: – Know that […]

FSK – Seeing the light

IPC topic, Seeing The light seeing the light video The F-klass wanted to show some of the things they have done with their topic, Seeing the light. They also created their own music to go with the pictures that has a light and dark theme.