Working with the concept about comparison and odd/even numbers.


Fklass Svenska – Stationsarbete

Eleverna samarbete och Rimmar/Matte Domino/ Finn ? Fel/Pussel
Sofiadagen 2020

The year 1890 Sofia Alm started Rådan skolan as a foundation to ensure girls from less fortunate circumstances to be granted a basic education. The girls lived at Rådan from 5-18 years old. Every year on the 15th of May, when Sofias name is celebrated in the Swedish calendar, Rådan skolan raises money to Malala fund in Sofias memory!

Find out what Rådan got up to HERE


F-klass Rådan – IPC “All About Me”

1) International Task: 

Finding out about one’s background, which part of the world one is from and finding out about each others’ tradition(s) – learning from each other. 

Our learners share their information from their homework.  Together we show their “origin” from their respective countries on the world map.

IPC Learning Goals:

– Know that children within the class and school have different home countries

– Be able to respect one another’s individuality and independence

Personal Learning Goals:

– Communication, Enquiry, Thoughtfulness, Adaptability, Respect.

2) Social Task:

Learning each other’s names – Throwing the ball of wool to another friend to create a spider web.

IPC Personal Learning Goals: Communication, Co-operation


FSK – Seeing the light

IPC topic, Seeing The light

seeing the light video

The F-klass wanted to show some of the things they have done with their topic, Seeing the light. They also created their own music to go with the pictures that has a light and dark theme.