IPC Footprints of the Past

Like detectives, we will try to discover what dinosaurs looked like, what they ate and what might have happened to them in the end.

Task: Dinosaur report in Book Creator
Personal goals:
– enquiry
– communicator
– resilient
– digital technology

Creating a book about assigning dinosaurs, with use of safe pedagogical research websites.

IPC unit Shaping up


Learning about your body and that it is the most valuable thing you will ever own. In this unit we are going to find out how to make it healthy and fit throughout your whole life. 


Activity: find scientific based information and facts about the organs and create  a presentation for other learners.

Personal goals: collaborator, communicator, resilent

Sofiadagen 2020

The year 1890 Sofia Alm started Rådan skolan as a foundation to ensure girls from less fortunate circumstances to be granted a basic education. The girls lived at Rådan from 5-18 years old. Every year on the 15th of May, when Sofias name is celebrated in the Swedish calendar, Rådan skolan raises money to Malala fund in Sofias memory!

Find out what Rådan got up to HERE


Grade 2 – Green Screen Film about famous Paleontologists

The learners in grade 2 have worked on a collaboration project connecting many subjects into one project. The learners have used a B-M-E approach. The B is the research at the beginning, M is the middle where questions and scripts are formed, and E is the end where the learners filmed.

(The learners did the project in Swedish, English, Natural Sciences and Social Sciences)


IPC and IMYC Books

Futuraskolan International Rådan’s library has books displays this months which reflect the International Primary Years and Middle Years Curriculum themes that Rådan students are working with.

These themes are digital gamers, earth and space, beliefs, the human brain and chemistry, creativity, curiosity, and entrepreneurship.

The books on display cover a wide range of possibilities in each of these areas and include works of fiction and non-fiction in both Swedish and English.

Grade 2-Creating a pumping heart chamber

The learners in grade 2 are studying the IPC unit: Shaping UP which is looking at the human body.  The learners have created a pumping heart chamber to see how the blood flows through the heart


Grade 2 – Digital Gamers- Internetsäkerhet/ internet security

   In ICT & Computing, we will be finding out:

We have looked at and discussed  internet safety. The students have worked in groups and created google presentations about this topic.

Game creation