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I Love Reading to the Moon and Back – Book Recommendation

Students participating in the I Love Reading to the Moon and Back challenge need recommend one of the books that they read. Today Simon recommended I Varuhuset, by Ture Sventon. He said that, ”You never know what is going to happen next.” Simon said that the ending was perfect for the story. He also commented […]

Page by Page…

As part of the I love Reading to the Moon and Back challenge, Futuraskolan International Rådan students in grades 4, 5, 6B and 6R have read over 15 000 pages in less than one month! Yesterday their Swedish teacher added a third book to the ladder to moon. WOW! Keep up the amazing work, Rådan […]

There’s a whole lot of Reading going on at Rådan!

Futuraskolan International Rådan has a unique reading challenge this year and everyone is really excited! This year, the students in grades 4, 5 and 6 will participate in the I Love Reading to the Moon and Back challenge. The students will count each page they read as one kilometre. Their teachers will keep track of […]

Grade 4 Africa project

Learning about the world the children live in is of vital importance as this widens their perspectives within the boarders of a classroom. This term the year fours had to do a research countries around the world that speak English. The children chose to work on Africa as a continent and selected a country to […]