Gr 7

År 7 students doing an experiment burning magnesium ribbon to make magnesium oxide

Grade 7 – Superhero Stories
The students have been writing in English their own superhero stories.
In Art they are learning how to draw characters in manga style manga/chibi/kawaii.
The assignment is to design a book cover/poster with their superhero character and the story title.
UN Day at Rådan

Today, the students in grades 6, 7, 8, and 9 participated in UN Day. They were divided into countries and participated in debates representing their countries’ interests.

There was also a tasty UN Day fika. The students made goodies to share with their classmates.

Sofiadagen 2020

The year 1890 Sofia Alm started Rådan skolan as a foundation to ensure girls from less fortunate circumstances to be granted a basic education. The girls lived at Rådan from 5-18 years old. Every year on the 15th of May, when Sofias name is celebrated in the Swedish calendar, Rådan skolan raises money to Malala fund in Sofias memory!

Find out what Rådan got up to HERE


Grade 7 – Exit Point

Grade 7 have just had their exit point for their IMYC topic Tradition. Their task was to create their own tradition including a symbol, clothing, food, a ceremony, ritual and whether the tradition was on a certain date or period. A huge variety of gods, symbols, days, food and rituals were created.


IPC and IMYC Books

Futuraskolan International Rådan’s library has books displays this months which reflect the International Primary Years and Middle Years Curriculum themes that Rådan students are working with.

These themes are digital gamers, earth and space, beliefs, the human brain and chemistry, creativity, curiosity, and entrepreneurship.

The books on display cover a wide range of possibilities in each of these areas and include works of fiction and non-fiction in both Swedish and English.

Courage and Community

For our IMYC themes Courage and Community the students in grade 7 and 8 worked in Art with illustrations, lines and symbols. We got inspiration for two courageous artists and swedish illustrators. The exhibition is on our floor


7B Entry Point

As their Entry Point to the IMYC unit Courage, learners created their own comic strip.
Working with the Big Idea: being true to yourself requires bravery learners
brainstormed bravery and the characteristics of a brave person. They then had to choose
a person who they think is brave, reflect and write about an act of bravery. From this
they then created comic strips using makebelifscomix. Below you can see the results
from using this fun programme.

Article: Why are Books that Shape?

A recent article on (<- click for the link) explores why books are a certain shape.

It turns out that it is all down to the golden ratio. The golden ratio is an irrational number represented by the Greek letter phi (φ) that’s used to create geometries with what many people consider the most eye-pleasing proportions.

Futuraskolan International Rådan’s grade 7 students will take a look at the golden ratio during their classes. They will have a chance to explore the golden ratio in out in nature…and in the library.

Finding patterns in statistical data – Grade 7

How can a dry topic like statistics become more interesting?

Students are often asked to calculate averages from a table or to find the median of some arbitrary set of numbers. Of course, this is important. But what if students can work with topics which they select themselves? Find a topic that interests them? And learn how to make graphs that show patterns in this data in an explicit way?

Our students learn how to make graphs by hand, in google sheets and in python.

Below we see one of our students presenting her data. By making use of websites like for instance, students learn how to find patterns in real data and how to connect these patterns to events that take place in our world.

some results can be seen below.