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Futuraskolan international School of Stockholm

Futuraskolan International Rådan

IPC and IMYC Books

Futuraskolan International Rådan’s library has books displays this months which reflect the International Primary Years and Middle Years Curriculum themes that Rådan students are working with. These themes are digital gamers, earth and space, beliefs, the human brain and chemistry, creativity, curiosity, and entrepreneurship. The books on display cover a wide range of possibilities in […]

Step by Step…Page by Page

WOW! Futuraskolan International Rådan’s grade 4, 5 and 6 students have read over 45000 pages in 8 weeks! Amazing! Keep up the great reading!

Nouveaux livres français!

Bonjour à tous! Aujourd’hui, la bibliothèque de Futuraskolan International Rådan a sept nouveaux livres en français pour que les étudiants puissent en profiter! Les Filles Rebelles, les Histoires pour Garçons et Le Petit Prince sont également disponibles à la bibliothèque en anglais et en suédois pour aider les élèves à apprendre et à lire. Hello, […]

The Many Languages of Rådan

Futuraskolan International Rådan’s library has a small yet varied selection of books in languages other than English and Swedish. This week some of those books are on display in the library.

A Little Help from the Library Friends

Sadly, Futuraskolan International Rådan’s library has been closed for a the past week. This meant that there was a TON of returned books to ’blip’ back in. Thanks to some timely help from the grade 4 students, the return box is empty and the library is ready to roll again! Thanks, everyone!

Rådans Elever ÄLSKAR att Läsa

I årskurs 4-6 har vi ett läsprojekt och en utmaning att läsa lika många sidor som det är km till månen. Vi har ett läsprotokoll som uppmuntrar till olika genres och varianter av böcker samt ger eleverna en möjlighet att öva på olika presentationstekniker och variationer. Vi har en väldigt fin display i vår matsal […]

The Story of a Life

This week at Futuraskolan International Rådan, students in various grades will be reading biographies and autobiographies. Here are some of the books that Rådan’s library has. There’s also a picture of the librarian’s new folding desk!

I Love Reading to the Moon and Back challenge – Step by Step

Futuraskolan International Rådan’s I Love Reading to the Moon and Back challenge is well under way. The students in grades 4, 5, 6B and 6R are reading like they’ve never read before and it’s AMAZING! In the first 42 days of the challenge, the students have read an astounding 30 000 pages! WOW! Great work! […]

Sleight of Hand

As part of the I Love Reading to the Moon and Back challenge students need to read a book selected by one of their teachers or the librarian. Grade 5 student, Arian, asked the librarian for a recommendation and, knowing the student’s interest in magic tricks, suggested the book Magic Tricks with Coins, Cards and […]

A Cosier Library

The library at Futuraskolan International Rådan got a mini-makeover last week! The large desk that the librarian used was removed and a small, folding tabletop was installed in the middle of the room. This opened up a lot of space at the end of the room. The carpet was moved and a comfy chair and […]