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Futuraskolan International Rådan is a bilingual school with an international focus and caters for Grades F-9. The foundation of our education is the Swedish curriculum. In an increasingly globalized and challenging world, we believe that knowledge of languages is essential. A bilingual school means that English and Swedish have equal roles. Not only do the students experience English in school subjects, but they also encounter and use it more everyday, for example in the playground and at Fritidshemmet.

We are also working to develop the International Primary Curriculum (IPC) and the International Middle Years Curriculum (IMYC) as a way of working in our school. We believe that these curricula promotes student curiosity, creativity, participation and commitment. We see that the thematic elements and the topic-integrated approach creates a whole and meaningful context for our students.

Futuraskolan International’s values are based on progressiveness, energy and respect (PER). Progress is reached partly because our education is based on scientific foundations and proven experience. A part of that follows current developments in the field of information and communication technology (ICT). The kindergarten to grade 4 classes are currently working with iPads as part of the teaching and grades 5-9 are working with Chromebooks.

Language is one of the keys to development, both individually and socially. The teachers work to build children’s language awareness in the junior grads (F-3) with the method “Writing to Reading”. The method was developed in Norway and has been used in schools around Sweden with success. This method focuses on letters, sounds, structure and storytelling. When the students begin to write more, they have a different way of understanding what the letters look like and how the language is constructed. During the school year, we actively promote reading and writing strategies at the school.

We have an active School Council (School and Parent Association), which is an important part of the work at Futuraskolan International Rådan. The School Council is made up of parent representatives from all school classes. Its role is advisory (no decision making) and the group works toward developing meaningful cooperation between school and home.
Our vision is to be the best stepping stone for future world citizens.

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Catharina Tornberg


+46 (0) 767-24 25 58

School admin

Natasha Moore


+46 (0) 8-795 55 00

After school activities

Tinna Breidfjord- Gudjonsdottir


+46 (0) 704-56 92 77



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Rådan 3, 191 40 Sollentuna

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What's for lunch?

Fredag - Vecka 47

Nudelwok med heta grönsaker & Sticky Pork
Nudelwok med heta grönsaker, marinerad svamp & bönor

Torsdag - Vecka 47

Spaghetti Bolognese, serveras med grana padano & insalata caprese
Spaghetti Veggienese, serveras med grana padano & insalata caprese

Onsdag - Vecka 47

“Veckans fångst” Serveras ugnsbakad under frasigt chili-limetäcke. Serveras med ris & mangosalsa
Garam Masala med halloumi, spenat & kikärtor Serveras med ris & mangosalsa

Tisdag - Vecka 47

“Elevernas val” Chicken Fajitas Kryddstekt strimlad kyckling, serveras med tortillas, sallader & såser
Kryddstekta veg-bites serveras med tortillas, sallader & såser

Måndag - Vecka 47

Mustig höstgryta på svamp, rotfrukter, linser & veg-bites Serveras med smetana, kuvertbröd & pålägg